Why is Golf Betting so Popular?

Simple reason, betting on golf is more fun than other professional sports!


Odds Opps

Friendly wagers are part of the fabric of the game. How many fans who watch football, play football? Golfers love to watch their sport and when they play it, they love to bet.


The 4 day lottery

Golf offers the largest payouts. Tournament winners consistently offer odds in the +3000 (30-1) or more range. No other sport consistently rewards bettors with such enormous pay days.


“Live Betting”

There’s a huge trend toward live or in-play betting. The Superbowl lasts 4 hours, a golf tournament lasts 4 days! Golf offers the most opportunities to get in the action during the event.


More opportunities to win!

Each golf tournament offers an endless number of proposition bets. Top 20, Head Head matchups, Hole-in-ones, etc. There’s a fun bet for everyone.

A Need for Expert Golf Intelligence

Truth is, more fans of the game would love to bet on golf. Unfortunately, they lack the knowledge, capability or confidence needed to properly analyze the opportunities available week after week. Combine that challenge with betting operators who are without the expert analysis, or educational and engaging content needed to build a resource for both the fanatic and casual golf bettor.

Solution: Actionable PGA Insights

Read The Line is your consistent, trustworthy, and professional solution designed to improve the entire global golf betting experience.

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